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Dear distinguished CSP peers,

During last CSP Focus Innovation 2018 event, industry experts explained a number of key questions of CSP projects such as engineering, components optimization, plant commissioning and O&M. It indicates that those questions and solutions are the leading flag for CSP’s continuous improvement and breakthrough.

Innovative engineering, O&M and system optimization have helped the industry to boom both at home and abroad. DEWA’s NOOR Energy 1 hybrid solar plant will utilize the lasted Space Tube collector, which is designed by Abengoa with 8.2m aperture. Stellio heliostat, designed by sbp, will be firstly used on commercial Hami 50MW MS tower plant, moreover, the new collector Ultimate Trough has been successfully used in Saudi’s Duba1 ISCC project. Regarding commissioning and O&M, attentions has been arisen on detecting solar field performance by UAV, and novel inspection and control strategy for solar field and tower aiming are introduced in the latest projects. On the other hand, various innovative equipment——higher temperature heat receiver, novel solar collector system with higher reflectivity, thermodynamic cycle system with higher efficiency, etc.—— demonstrate future CSP development trend. In addition, creative engineering and application mode also need further exploration.

In order to grasp current trend and future development way of CSP, we are warmly welcoming you to participate in CSP Focus Innovation 2019 event, to learn more about cutting edge commercial technologies and trends, to pursue lower cost and better plant performance. The summit will be the most professional platform for all industry players.


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Organizing Committee of CSP Focus Innovation 2019

Agenda Overview


Day One

October 24, Thursday See More

Position of CSP in Future Energy System

CSP Project Engineering and Construction

CSP’s response to Power Grid

Commissioning, O&M and Acceptance


Day Two

October 25, Friday See More

Solar Field System Integration and Optimization

Optimization and Innovation of Heat Transfer System & Thermal Energy Storage

Hybrid Solar Plant

Cutting Edge Technology and Research



Sino-Foreign business communication and partnership

Product Show: 

Key components, materials, technologies and services showcase and promotion 

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Beijing, China

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