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Below is the list of past partial attendees in CSP Focus Innovation.

You are much welcome to join the grand gathering for all CSP peers looking at global innovations!

Business typeRegionCompany
Government & Associations

Government & Associations

ChinaChina Electric Power Research Institute
ChinaChina National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance
ChinaEnergy Research Institute-NDRC
ChinaElectric Power Planning & Engineering Institute
MENAMoroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy
Developers & EPCs

Developers & EPCs

ChinaLanzhou Dacheng Technology Company
ChinaLuneng New Energy Group Qinghai Branch Company
ChinaTianjin Binhai CSP Investment Co., Ltd
ChinaRunh Power
ChinaNuclear Industry Research And Engineering Co., Ltd.
ChinaRayspower Energy Group Co., Ltd
ChinaRoyal Tech CSP
ChinaJinke New Energy Co., Ltd
ChinaZhejiang Supcon
ChinaChina Sinogy Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd.
ChinaBeijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
ChinaChina New Era International Engineering Corporation (abbr. as CNIEC)
ChinaElectric Power Planning & Engineering Institute
ChinaCGN Delingha Solar Energy Co., Ltd
ChinaSUPCON Solar
ChinaCPECC---Northwest Electric Power Design Institute
ChinaShanghai Electric BrightSource Solar Energy
ChinaHuaneng Clean Energy Research Institute
ChinaSEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation
EUBatz Energy
EUAbengoa S.A.
USABrightSource Energy
Engineering & technology

Engineering & technology

EUEmpresarios Agrupados
EUAF Aries Energía
APSunrise CSP Pty Ltd
ChinaShanghai Electric Co., Ltd Central Acadamy
EUKraftanlagen Muenchen GmbH
EUFichtner GmbH & Co. KG
USA247Solar Inc.
Financiers & Investors

Financiers & Investors

APJGC Corporation
APChiyoda Corporation
ChinaBeijing Tsing Yun Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
ChinaMulticheers Ltd
ChinaAsian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
ChinaAsian Development Bank
ChinaAerospace Investment Holding Co., Ltd
EUEDF (China) Holding Ltd.
USAClimate Investment Funds
USAWorld Bank
USAInternational Finance Corporation

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