Part of 2019 & Past Speakers & Panelists

  • Jianxiang Jin

    Jianxiang Jin

    Chairman and Chief Engineer

    Zhejiang SUPCON Solar

  • Feng GAO

    Feng GAO

    General Manager

    Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Zenghua TIAN

    Zenghua TIAN

    Deputy Chief Engineer of Engineering and Technology Center

    North China Power Engineering Co.,Ltd

  • Jonny Gulayev

    Jonny Gulayev

    Software Developer

    BrightSource Energy

  • Kobi Pahima

    Kobi Pahima

    Senior Team Leader of Software Development and Integration

    BrightSource Energy

  • Miguel Mendez

    Miguel Mendez

    Head of Solar Technology Department


  • Oliver Baudson

    Oliver Baudson

    Managing Director

    TSK Flagsol

  • Nick Zhang

    Nick Zhang

    Global Director of Sales & Marketing

    Royal Tech CSP Limited

  • Liang ZHAO

    Liang ZHAO

    Senior Engineer

    China Electric Power Research Institute

  • CGN New Energy Delingha Company

  • ACWA Power

  • Morag Am-Shallem

    Morag Am-Shallem


    BrightSource Energy

  • Xiaohui ZHAO

    Xiaohui ZHAO

    Deputy General Manager of Renewable Energy Development Division

    Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Huaiwu PENG

    Huaiwu PENG

    Director of the Solar Thermal Power Department

    Northwest Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Alberto Alba Rodríguez

    Alberto Alba Rodríguez

    Head of Business Development Asia Region


  • Shugui Zheng

    Shugui Zheng

    General Manager

    CPECC-Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Rui SUN

    Rui SUN

    Deputy Dean

    Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute

  • Rogelio Peón Menendez

    Rogelio Peón Menendez

    Technology Director


  • Yosef Elia

    Yosef Elia

    Vice President

    BrightSource Industrial Israel

  • Teresa GONG

    Teresa GONG

    Deputy General Manager

    Shanghai Electric BrightSource Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

  • Borja Valero Polo

    Borja Valero Polo

    Vice President of Construction


  • Alberto R. Rocha

    Alberto R. Rocha

    Director of Technology & Innovation

    ACS Cobra

  • Noelia Martínez

    Noelia Martínez

    R&D Director

    Abengoa Research

  • Fang ZHU

    Fang ZHU

    Project Manager of Renewable Energy Department

    North China Power Engineering Co.,Ltd

  • Panlong GUAN

    Panlong GUAN

    Manager of Production Technical Service Division

    China Energy Engineering Group-Northwest Electric Power Test Research Institute

  • Estibaliz Aranzabe

    Estibaliz Aranzabe

    Head of the Surface Chemistry Unit


  • Alberto García de Jalón

    Alberto García de Jalón

    Head of Characterization and Measurement Unit


  • Steffen Ulmer

    Steffen Ulmer

    Managing Director

    CSP Services

  • Jiahui LU

    Jiahui LU

    Project Manager

    Fraunhofer ISE

  • Xiaochun WANG

    Xiaochun WANG

    Project Manager

    Inner Mongolia Electric Survey&Design Institute Co.,Ltd.

  • Yingyu WANG

    Yingyu WANG

    Chief Design Engineer of Renewable Energy Development Division

    Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Tao FAN

    Tao FAN

    Chief Design Engineer of International Project Division

    Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Zhengwen XI

    Zhengwen XI

    New Product Development Director

    Dongfang Boiler Group Co.,Ltd

  • Markus Balz

    Markus Balz

    Managing Director

    sbp sonne gmbh

  • Loreto Valenzuela Gutiérrez

    Loreto Valenzuela Gutiérrez

    Head of the Concentrating Solar Systems


  • Hongxing LI

    Hongxing LI

    Chief Engineer of Civil Engineering Department

    Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Xavier Lara

    Xavier Lara

    Executive Director of Construction and Services Business Unit


  • Johannes Kretschmann

    Johannes Kretschmann

    Deputy Projects Director - CSP Project Department


  • Yan YANG

    Yan YANG

    China Director

    WorleyParsons Advisian

  • Michael Geyer

    Michael Geyer

    Senior Advisor


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