2019 Speakers

  • Yunhe Lyu

    Yunhe Lyu

    Vice President of China Business Collaboration

    ACWA Power

  • Xinyi Li

    Xinyi Li

    Manager of Acquisition and Project Finance

    ACWA Power

  • Zhifeng WANG

    Zhifeng WANG

    Founder and Chairman

    China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance

  • Rui SUN

    Rui SUN

    Former Vice President

    Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute

  • Jianxiang Jin

    Jianxiang Jin

    Chairman and Chief Engineer

    Zhejiang SUPCON Solar

  • Zenghua TIAN

    Zenghua TIAN

    Deputy Chief Engineer

    North China Power Engineering Co.,Ltd

  • Junfeng ZHANG

    Junfeng ZHANG

    Deputy Director of CSP Institute

    Northwest Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Wei HAN

    Wei HAN


    Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Liang ZHAO

    Liang ZHAO

    Senior Engineer

    China Electric Power Research Institute

  • Feng GAO

    Feng GAO

    General Manager

    Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Javier Ustarroz

    Javier Ustarroz

    Head of CSP Technology


  • Nick Zhang

    Nick Zhang

    Global Director of Sales/GM Assistant

    Royal Tech CSP Limited

  • Kangqian WU

    Kangqian WU

    System Analyst

    Solar Dynamics LLC

  • Wes Stein

    Wes Stein

    Chief Technologist

    Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute

  • Craig Wood

    Craig Wood


    Vast Solar

  • Kobi Pahima

    Kobi Pahima

    Software Engineer and Team Leader

    BrightSource Energy

  • Morag Am-Shallem

    Morag Am-Shallem


    BrightSource Energy

  • Jonny Gulayev

    Jonny Gulayev

    Senior Software Engineer

    BrightSource Energy

  • Fang ZHU

    Fang ZHU

    Project Manager of Renewable Energy Department

    North China Power Engineering Co.,Ltd

  • Jie WANG

    Jie WANG

    I&C Director,Senior Engineer

    Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey&Design Institute Co.,Ltd

  • Deborah Padwater

    Deborah Padwater

    Strategic Industry Manager


  • David Ramirez

    David Ramirez

    Founder and CEO

    Increscendo Consultores S.L

  • Wenqiang WANG

    Wenqiang WANG

    Senior Manager

    SiACT Power Company

  • Alberto Alba Rodríguez

    Alberto Alba Rodríguez

    Director of Business Development of Asia


  • Laijing WANG

    Laijing WANG

    Director/Senior Engineer

    China Energy Investment Corporation

  • Ayman AL-Maaitah

    Ayman AL-Maaitah


    WAHAJ Investment

  • Jiehua MAO

    Jiehua MAO

    Product Manager

    Aalborg CSP A/S

  • David ZHAO

    David ZHAO

    Head of John Cockerill Energy China Office

    John Cockerill Energy

  • Jian ZHAO

    Jian ZHAO

    CGN New Energy Delingha Company

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